The Many Benefits of Swedish Massage

Professional Massage


Blood and lymphatic vessels dilate, thus decreasing blood pressure and making blood flow and waste removal more efficient.

Pain Reduction

Massage liberates endorphines (the body's own pain killers), easing aches and soreness. The release of muscular tension and spasm also decreases pressure on blood vessels, nerve clusters, joints, and vertebrae, thus improving the mobility and comfort level of the client.

Improved Immune Response

Many illnesses today can be traced to stress or external contaminants (smoke, pollution, drugs, food additives). Massage, when received regularly, helps to relieve stress and assists in detoxifying the body. The immune system is thus able to respond to threats of illness and disease with greater efficiency and results.

Homeostasis: "Balance"

When received on a regular basis, Swedish Massage helps the body to achieve a state of well being we call homeostasis. When the body is relaxed, the glands, organs, and nervous system are stimulated and blood / lymph flow is increased. It is in this state when the body's own innate ability to heal, cleanse, and maintain itself, is at its peak. This is the goal of Swedish Massage.


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