Available Massage Services

Professional Massage

There are many different styles of massage to choose from and many factors to consider when choosing a modality. Comfort level, state of health, and goals you want to achieve through massage will all influence your decision. Whether you're trying to recuperate from a recent injury or you're just looking for a way to relax, there is a modality that best suits your needs.

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Relaxation/Rejuvenation Massage

Stress Relief

A simple but effective protocol that uses long, slow strokes with light to moderate pressure to induce a feeling of calm that has been known to lower blood pressure and cleanse the body of waste and toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system. This modality can be applied more briskly with slight variations to create an invigorating and energizing effect.

Therapeutic Massage

Health Maintanence

Starts off light with increasing pressure and some specific deep muscle work when necessary. This is more of a maintenance massage for cleansing, stress relief, and improved health and function. When received on a regular basis (every 1-4 weeks recommended), the client will notice the cumulative benefits of this massage in just a few sessions.

Deep Tissue Massage


This massage uses deeper pressure and advanced techniques for clients who experience severe stress, chronic pain, limited function due to injury, disability or atrophy and those who simply like their bodywork deep. Though this style may cause some minor discomfort at first, the pressure is gauged to the client's tolerance levels to insure it is not "painful".

Swedish Movement Therapy

Great for those new to massage

Dean Agiato developed this protocol to fill the gap between clients who need more than a "neck rub" but do not wish to receive a traditional massage. Utilizing Swedish techniques that do not require oil or disrobing (ie: compression, stretching, range of motion exercises), the client remains fully clothed and is pushed, pulled, rocked, and stretched. This relaxes both mind and body, deepens respiration, and loosens stiff joints. An excellent alternative for people on the go, those who are new to massage, or clients who want to try a different approach.

Hot Stone Massage

Stress Relief / Pain Relief
Hot Stone Massage

Heated stones are strategically placed on the body to provide compression and deep penetrating heat to sore muscles. The therapist will then use heated stones to manually massage the body providing a unique massage experience.

Sports Massage

Peak Performance

Focusing on the specific muscle groups associated with a particular sport or event, this massage uses moderate pressure, cross-fiber friction, and assisted stretching techniques to enhance performance while safeguarding against muscle strain or spasm. It is most effective when received just prior to and soon after the event.

On Site Chair Massage

Great For Events

Available for conventions, health fairs, office calls, corporate and charitable events, this is a great stress buster. Utilizing a massage chair, basic kneading and trigger-point compression; on-site massage focuses mainly on the back, neck, and shoulders. Sessions, usually lasting 5-15 minutes, rejuvenate the body and provide temporary relief from pain and soreness. An excellent reward for hard working employees and always a hit at special events.


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